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Jan. The concept of talent
Be competent own work is talent  innovation is talents.
Heung. Stick to the four big employing principle
One: to understand people, understanding, respect, not only one of the table, but also one of the potential;
I: to create a comfortable environment, make the person mood, do not seek to be perfect, allowing improve self-discipline;
Employing: for each employee to provide a display to stage, create good study, development and self value realization opportunities;
Person: treat each other sincerely, kind, tolerant, considerateness, no internal friction, dedication and work and be devoted to their duties, for the company, and the company's total of honor and disgrace.
3. Encourage talent channel
(1) based on regional, give full play to the role of main channel of local talent for the country, absorb high-level talents,
(2) pay attention to the combination of technology and knowledge, welcome the masses of the industry in the senior people to join this company.


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