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Sam toyama valves co., LTD. Is a big event
Sam toyama valves was established in 1990, has many years of production history, valve of China valve association member, China construction metal structure association water drainage equipment branch director unit, the national water drainage technology information network standing director unit, China petroleum natural gas group company level supply network member, the state power company power system valve supply network member unit of China chemical equipment corporation designated production enterprise.
A, the first stage
In 1990, Sam toyama valves co., LTD., was established in Beijing fengtai south 3rd ring road,
In 2000 in Taiwan development zone, Sam toyama valve manufacturing co., LTD. Was established, and establish production bases;
In 2001, with their own management consultancy to Sam toyama valves do operation mechanism design, and start training work;
2002 start development production parallel gate valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, swing check valve, plug valve, regulating valve, water level indicator, closed the door on the 12 categories, specifications from 6 mm - 500 mm pipe valves and piping accessories.
2003 to 310 kinds of products, high pressure valves, electric valves, etc., caliber to 1 m.
2004 export malleable cast iron globe valve 16822, the same year successfully developed pulse steam trap.
2005 products to 37 series, high pressure valve products accounted for 80% of the total amount.
Second, the second stage
In 2008, headquarters staff 1900 people,
In 2009, Sam toyama valves now has a staff of 896 people, including engineering and technical personnel is 84, middle management, production workers there are 500 people, the sales staff 233 people. Under the leadership of the general manager, vice manager production technology, quality management deputy manager, business sales deputy manager, import and export trade deputy manager responsibility system. A management structure: the total handling, comprehensive department, production department, financial department, research institute, qc department, sales department, etc., and in all parts of the country has sales;
2010 years development complete golden ball valve and cryogenic valve. Complete freedom ball float trap and emergency shut-off valve, etc.;


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