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Good corporate culture is an important guarantee for the development of the company as well as the major contents of HR construction. Cultivating good corporate culture depends on leaders firstly: leaders of different levels are supposed to set good examples and to lead the staff to abide by the corporate culture; secondly, cultivating good corporate culture depends on rules and regulations: the value orientation of the company is supposed to be solidified by rules and regulations thereby guiding the employees’ thoughts and behavior as well as converting the employees to acting on their own initiative. (Quotations from the corporate president)

Corporate missions
Creating value for customers, creating opportunities for employees and creating fortunes for society.

Development philosophies
Managing scientifically, guaranteeing quality, expanding market, improving efficacy and developing harmoniously.

Corporate visions
Providing all-around solutions to industrial valves.

Corporate spirit
Openness: learning widely from others’ strong points and having the courage to try.
Harmony: collaborating unitedly and assuming responsibility jointly.
Excellence: pursuing excellence and excelling jointly.
Innovation: developing science & technology and innovating in mechanisms.

Norms of management & control
There are principles for power centralization, there is order for power decentralization, there are rules for authorization and there are limits to wielding power.

Norms of major relationships
Enterprise & employees: gaining mutual benefit by interacting and growing up jointly.
Enterprise and cooperation partners: offering mutual benefit and reciprocity and marching forward hand in hand.
Enterprise and society: abiding by business ethics and assuming responsibility.

Standards of employees’ capabilities
Arousing potential: taking the initiative and challenging pressure.
Communicating effectively: putting oneself in the place of another and respecting one another.
Conducting excellent implementation: assuming responsibility and pursuing efficacy.
Overcoming difficulties innovatively: putting on thinking cap actively and looking for  solutions to problems.

Standards of employees’ behavior
Professional ethics: working scrupulously, fulfilling duties and having the courage to assume responsibility.
Enterprising spirit: being always insatiable and keeping improving.
Collaboration: conforming to overall situations and collaborating unitedly.
Studying: being modest and insatiable of studying and studying for the purpose of application.


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