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Hello, everyone. Thank you for your concern for SMFS!

First and foremost, please allow me to extend my heartfelt gratitude and sincere greetings to friends in various circles in society who have been caring for and supporting our career development on behalf of all the colleagues of SMFS!

It is the sincere concern, care and support that have enabled us Raymond to overcome numerous difficulties and to create impressive outstanding achievements one after another.

SMFS resembles numerous enterprises which have overcome countless obstacles and lived through great tribulations, and is indestructible. SMFS is gradually becoming a major force in China’s valve manufacturing industry.

SMFS abides by the philosophies of “operating with good faith, striving for excellence, taking people as the foremost and seeking truth from facts”, integrates and optimizes production factors energetically, establishes and perfects modern enterprise management systems, and formulates enterprise development strategies assiduously. SMFS also carries out market-oriented development of information, talents and science & technology and pursues higher enterprise value as well as higher social effect.

“Ascending the mountain’s crest dwarfs all the peaks under one’s feet”. SMFS is providing superior valve products and considerate services for numerous users in light of the work style of keeping on improving and the perseverant spirit of striving for perfection.

Corporate visions of SMFS: gaining a foothold in the field of fluid control in the world, providing excellent valve solutions to clients in need of fluid control, and industriously developing into a major evergreen company enjoying universal respect from society.

“The way to acquire profound knowledge and grand morality is so far that I will search them from the paradise to the hell wholeheartedly.” The staff of SMFS will make joint efforts with you.


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