The Artist's Guide

Love Buttons, Love Bites will be included in the upcoming book, The Artist’s Guide: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love by Jackie Battenfield.

The guide is a comprehensive handbook that provides the information, tools, and techniques, for developing and sustaining a successful art career. It provides answers to the challenges artists face everyday and includes real-life examples, illustrations, step-by-step exercises, and bulleted lists that allow readers to dive in and begin working immediately. To be published in June 2009 by Da Capo Press

Public Art Review

Public Art Review • spring/summer 2009

For its 20th anniversary issue Public Art Review tackles the theme of sustainability. 20 Guest Contributors for "Here to Stay: Public Art and Sustainability" including Patricia Phillips • Seyed Alavi • Lance Fung • Jerry Allen • Peter Kramer • Lucy Lippard • Judy Baca • David Abram • Cathey Billian • Mary Altman • Brad Goldberg • Deborah Karasov • Gregory Sale • Janet Echelman • Margaret Bruning • Mel Chin • Steve Dietz • Suzanne Lacy • Jeffrey Kastner • Liesel Fenner